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Play Attention Training Software System



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You will be surprised to see how fast your kid can become, when his mind stays focused on his/her task.

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Play Attention is a training software system that will help your child learns how to control the hyperactivity, that is boiling inside, and to train the ability to enhance his/her attention. It also helps reduce impulsivity, and increase short term and working memory.

If you are, or your child is, suffering from Attention Deficit issues, do not stay alone, get you help need.

Play Attention is a patented system that uses NASA technology. This dynamic learning tool helps you train your brain to be fully effective. Focus, concentration and attention build up session after session.

Getting Play Attention is offering your brain a full training program. All is included from the interactive software, the wireless interface between you and the computer, and the expert coach. Your coach will help you identify your weakness, and customize your training program to help you tackle the issues the most effectively.

With Play Attention, you also get a complete customer support with phone tutorial, ongoing data analysis and professional advice to help you get the most for your training.

Use Your Head®. Get Focused. And Play Attention

Play Attention with patented BodyWave Armband sensor:
Play Attention Games Demo Video
Play Attention with helmet below:




Play Attention Software helps train your brain. Gain Focus & Concentration today! Learning and training made easy for children and adults with Attention and Focus Issues. Find out about the cost of Play Attention - the NASA-proven training system for memory improvement. The Play Attention system helps from 6 years old on up.

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New PLAY ATTENTION Edufeedback system - for Attention, Focus, Concentration, Active and Short Term Memory, Hyperactivity Reduction, Reading Comprehension - uses the same feedback science and technology perfected for NASA astronauts and US Air Force pilots. Time payment plan options available.
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